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It has been well-established that it takes more that water to hydrate a person who has undergone strenuous physical activity or has be subjected to unhealthy summer heat. Dizziness, headaches and weakness are all related to dehydration. In fact, caffeine, which is a key ingredient in many Power drinks, actually contributes to water and electrolyte loss. This patented formulation works fast and effectively to re-hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes.


HydraBLAST Performance Spray is a first in its class, break-through technology that stands alone in the scientific field of Hydration Precursors. A precursor is defined as: “one that precedes and indicates the approach of another…OR…a substance, cell, or cellular component from which another substance, cell or cellular component is formed”.


HydraBLAST has been scientifically designed to quickly enter into the blood stream and initiate a productive ionically charged response in our body’s red blood cells so that they are prepared and equipped to take in and transport the necessary ingested water, oxygen and select nutrients to EVERY functioning tissue within our body’s by way of our bloods circulatory system.


The intra-oral inception of multiple sprays within the mouth allows HydraBLAST to quickly enter the blood stream with the bio-electrically intended properties to influence the polarity of our red blood cells and immediately allow the uptake of essential components (water, oxygen for energy, life sustaining and building nutrients, etc.) to greatly influence our current performance levels as well as significantly improving our over-all quality of life and well-being.

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1st Pharma Nutrition, Inc. is an innovative bio-science research and development company, which is engaged in the making of 100% all-natural, physical performance and energy products using a one-of-a-kind proprietary and patent approved and protected nano technology.
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