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The term applied science is defined as the use of scientific knowledge in the development of practical applications—in other words, the use of research to improve people’s lives. By this definition, Dr. Shawn Mueller is nothing if not the epitome of applied science; he has spent his career diligently working in laboratories and clinics, all with the ultimate goal of helping people.

Dr. Mueller is best known as the founder of Centech, Inc.—formerly ElectroLife Laboratories—and the inventor of the groundbreaking Hydra-Blast Performance Spray. His background encompassed a Doctorate degree in Naturopathy, a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, and an Associate’s degree in Psychology. His reputation rests in his study of trace minerals, also known as electrolytes—a field in which Dr. Mueller remains a leading authority.

Dr. Mueller is the founder of A.C.T.I.O.N. (Advanced Cellular Technology Institute of Nutrition) Health International, an organization devoted to developments in athletic performance enhancement, mental focus, memory retention, and beyond.

In 2005, Dr. Mueller founded ElectroLife Laboratories, Inc., with the intention of furthering his research in trace minerals and performance enhancement. The company was rechristened Centech, Inc. in 2011, and has evolved from a think tank into a fully-functional research and development facility, with a truly game-changing product to its credit.

That product is the Hydra-Blast Performance Spray, which in many ways embodies everything Dr. Mueller has worked toward—harnessing the scientific understanding of trace minerals in a way that offers true physical and mental enhancement, to athletes and non-athletes alike. The product offers rapid rehydration at the level the human body needs it the most—red blood cells—and has been shown to offer enhancements in physical stamina, mental focus, memory retention, comprehension skills, and more. Hydra-Blast is the flagship product of Centech, Inc.

Dr. Mueller is licensed in Massage Therapy and holds certifications in Neuromuscular and Sports Massage. He is a certified Master Iridologist and a certified Reiki Therapist; this term denotes an advanced Japanese massage technique, renowned for its stress-alleviating possibilities.

Additionally, Dr. Mueller is the developer of the B.E.S.T. (Bio-mechanical Enhancement of Soft Tissue) Fitness Therapy, a therapeutic fitness technique intended for post-rehab patients to facilitate a speedy and full recovery.

Respected for his unique understanding of the human body and its performance capabilities, Dr. Mueller is the creator and star of two popular therapeutic fitness videos, one targeting muscular strength and development and the other the elimination of excess body fat. Dr. Mueller’s career in athletic performance includes his role as the head physician/trainer for the United States martial arts team in the 1995 Goodwill Games and the 1996 Pan-American Games.

A charismatic speaker with a wide body of knowledge and a passion for improving lives, Dr. Mueller is an internationally celebrated motivational teacher, presenting at health symposiums and delivering keynotes for Fortune 500 brands, government agencies, and beyond.

The common thread through all of this, and a theme made most obvious in his creation of Centech, Inc. and Hydra-Blast, is his belief that science and understanding can help people. They can make lives better—and Dr. Mueller continues his quest to do exactly that, through each new adventure in applied science.

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