At Centech, we firmly believe in answering any questions that you may have as it relates to our products. Here are a few questions that have been frequently asked.
  • What are the top benefits of HydraBLAST hydration spray?

    The top benefits of HydraBLAST Hydration Spray are as follows:

    Rapid Hydration: HydraBLAST facilitates rapid hydration of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) in the human body within a matter of moments through rapid oral absorption, thus completely bypassing the stomach for time-consuming digestion. In a dehydrated state, RBC’s are stuck together and become less efficient. Seconds after dosing with Hydra-Blast™, RBC’s begin to rehydrate, drawing the required water from the plasma. Once rehydrated, they begin transporting oxygen that is used for energy and nutrients to the muscles, brain and other organs and carry away stored acid wastes caused by strenuous physical activity.

    1. Portability: Since HydraBLAST enhances cellular performance and makes the water you drink more bio-available; it then helps to reduce the amount of water necessary for performance in the field under demanding and extenuating circumstances. From the Soldier who has to hump his multi-pound pack during combat engagements or the Guardsman who is dealing with combat, natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina), earthquakes and wildfires as well as Special Ops where every ounce of reduced weight in their pack will provide an advantage, HydraBLAST is the solution towards saving lives and enhancing performance.

    2. Electrolytes: HydraBLAST has a balanced combination of specially selected trace minerals or electrolytes specially processed for rapid absorption. Most food sources are grown in soil that is depleted of minerals and our water supplies lack needed electrolyte minerals as well. As a daily supplement, HydraBLAST supplies our cells with these electrolyte minerals that we need for maximum cellular efficiency, which also increases the potential for increased absorption of any other food source or supplement we ingest for added energy and endurance.

  • How does using this spray to hydrate differ from consuming liquids?

    Liquids we drink are only a carrier for the essential minerals our bodies need for optimal performance. Water and sports drinks alone will not hydrate on the cellular level. HydraBLAST has the perfectly balanced combination of polar activated electrolytes to facilitate rapid cellular absorption. Therefore, HydraBLAST is the perfect hydration partner.

  • What sets HydraBLAST apart from other sprays or similar products?

    The truth is there are no other products like HydraBLAST due to its ability to transport essential micronutrients at the cellular level in seconds! We believe that our Troops deserve the very best because they put it all on the line for us each and every day.

  • Are there other products you have coming up to benefit soldiers?

    Yes, our entire product line is geared around professional performance. One may hear us use the term “Pro- Performance” and think pro athletes, but this also includes the great men and women who serve our country in the military forces….that being said, yes, there are additional products that we will soon introduce to benefit our soldiers. HydraBLAST is the one product that makes all of the other forthcoming products work even better.

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