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Cellular Edge Nano Technology (“CENTECH”) is an innovative bioscience company engaged in the development of all-natural performance and energy products using a patented proprietary nano-technology created by the company’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Shawn Mueller.

Our platform technology is a unique nano-processed formulation of purified water and nutrient-based essential compounds (crystalloid electrolytes) that, when taken as a drink or as an oral spray, can rapidly re-hydrate an individual by replenishing lost water and electrolytes.  The formulation has the added benefit of acting as a carrier-system for other nutritional (and pharmaceutical) compounds and facilitating their absorption as well. For a drug, more rapid and completed entry into the body carries numerous advantages, among them, more precise dosing which could potentially reduce some side-effects, improved survival in cases where drugs are used to treat emergencies, etc.

Our Laboratory and manufacturing facility is a cGMP-compliant and FDA approved manufacturing facility based in Florida. Our product is processed and stored in a quality controlled area with the use of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of our product. As an FDA approved manufacturing facility, We meet FDA’s requirements for the safety and efficacy of our product. We meticulously inspect all raw materials and test each product throughout the manufacturing cycle, carefully calibrating all our processes.

Our FDA approved manufacturing facility has the latest equipment to control the entire manufacturing process at each step, from raw ingredient to the final product. In addition to our own high standards of manufacturing, a variety of government agencies conduct periodic inspections of our facilities, requiring strict control of procedures and documentation. Having decades of proven experience in the healthcare industry, Centech maintains world-class quality for its products and services across global markets.

HydraBLAST re-hydrates all of the red blood cells in the body with-in seconds after it is sprayed into the mouth, unlike that of conventional “hydration drinks” that require much more time towards their attempt at accomplishing similar results.  Immediate cellular hydration leads to immediate cellular performance which in turn leads to immediate physical performance.

Our History

In the 1930s, research scientist George Earp Thomas noticed at his farm how his cows were straining their necks through the fence and licking the newly graveled road. After he conducted some research he came to understand it was the natural instinct of the cow to supplement minerals in this way. He began doing research into soil and trace minerals. Within a short period of time, he had developed a very beneficial formulation of electrolytes. The benefits quickly became apparent. Working with doctors, he used his product to successfully treat cancer patients.

Then, in 1948, the FDA charged Dr. Thomas with providing medical advice. They sued and he won the case. On the courthouse steps after the trial, the deputy director of the FDA asked Dr. Thomas if he was ready to spend 100k a year to defend himself. A short time later his lab mysteriously burnt to the ground. All his equipment and research was lost, except for the memories of a lab assistant. It took 30 years of research for Jerry Olarsch, N.D. to reproduce Earp-Thomas’ electrolytic mineral formulation which was passed on to Dr. Shawn Mueller.

Dr. Shawn Mueller is a 3rd generation recipient of the electrolyte formula. He then improved the formulation with a 2014, patent-pending technology called the ICM Reactor and Hydra-Blast™ Performance spray was born. Almost instantly absorbed, these electrolytes balance hydration within just a few short minutes. They are essential for every function, including energy production, nerve transmission, muscle contractions, pH balance, fluid balance, and more.
Under normal circumstances and with a good diet the human body is self-regulating and can maintain a proper balance. However, we human beings constantly push the limits. Excessive sweating and increased metabolic activity and we lose electrolytes. Diets poor in nutrition and mineral content can’t keep up with the losses. This creates a perfect storm that requires us to look for supplementation. HydraBLAST performance spray is the fastest and easiest way to True Hydration.

1st Pharma Nutrition, Inc. is an innovative bio-science research and development company, which is engaged in the making of 100% all-natural, physical performance and energy products using a one-of-a-kind proprietary and patent approved and protected nano technology.
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