Faster Recovery

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Our State-of-the-Art technology promotes much faster recovery from injury, stress or strenuous exercise.

boosts energy

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The HydraBLAST formula dramatically boosts energy levels without the feeling of hyperactivity. It does so by aiding in the quick and efficient removal of toxic body acids (such as lactic acid) as a result of strenuous physical exercise.

Rapid Absoprtion

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Our product enhances the rapid absorption and utilization of essential nutrients such as vitamins, macro-minerals, proteins (amino acids) as well as other orally consumed compounds and commercially produced food products by way of a ``hosting process`` by which the electrolytes bind to said elements and act as a carrier to the cells for rapid distribution throughout the body.

The all new hydrablast spray

1st Pharma Nutrition, Inc. is an innovative bio-science company engaged in the development of all-natural performance and energy products using a patented proprietary nano-technology created by the world renowned Dr. Shawn Mueller.

Our platform technology is a unique nano-processed formulation of purified water and nutrient-based essential compounds (crystalloid electrolytes) that, when taken as a drink or as an oral spray, can rapidly re-hydrate an individual by replenishing lost water and electrolytes.

The formulation has the added benefit of acting as a carrier-system for other nutritional (and pharmaceutical) compounds and facilitating their absorption as well. For a drug, more rapid and completed entry into the body carries numerous advantages, among them, more precise dosing which could potentially reduce some side-effects, improved survival in cases where drugs are used to treat emergencies, etc.

Eliminates Cramping

HydraBLAST rapidly eliminates and/or prevents muscular cramping from occurring.

Trace Minerals

HydraBLAST has a balanced combination of specially selected trace minerals or electrolytes specially processed for rapid absorption. Most food sources are grown in soil that is depleted of minerals and our water supplies lack needed electrolyte minerals as well. As a daily supplement, HydraBLAST supplies our cells with these electrolyte minerals that we need for maximum cellular efficiency, which also increases the potential for increased absorption of any other food source or supplement we ingest for added energy and endurance.

Heightens Concentration

Our proprietary formulation quickly heightens concentration levels and cognitive alertness.

Our Youtube Videos

Our youtube videos provide a great platform to view how effectively our products work.

Neurotransmitter Functions

Supports neurotransmitter function in the brain which dramatically enhances hand-eye coordination as well as many other nerve related responses.


Since HydraBLAST enhances cellular performance and makes the water you drink more bio-available; it then helps to reduce the amount of water necessary for performance in the field under demanding and extenuating circumstances.

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Watch how quickly our amazing product accelerates & enhances the absorption of key nutrients into the body’s cells to maximize health, wellness & performance.

Clients & Testimonials

1st Pharma Nutrition, Inc. is changing the way we look peak performance. HydraBLAST Performance Spray will help rapidly alleviate or completely eliminate cramping. Just spray 4 blasts in the mouth and usually in under two minutes, muscle cramps are annihilated. That means you can keep the pads on. Hydra-Blast Keeps You in the Game. In fact, many of our athletes have stopped cramping all together since using HydraBLAST on a regular basis.

I was introduced to HydraBLAST by a friend and wanted to try it out, I've been taking 4 sprays of Hydra-Blast 3 times a day.
I have sports induced Asthma and usually feel winded and fatigued by the end of my workouts. I started to notice a change in my stamina, and wasn't feeling as out of breathe or tired when I was done. I ran 3 miles with no rescue inhaler, which I commonly have to use when running and I always drink too much water and end up with stomach cramps. Which lately I've felt more hydrated and the cramps are gone! For those reasons alone i have to say thanks HydraBLAST.

Sean Lapp 50 Los Angeles

Thanks Hydra-Blast for helping me reach my goals!

Blake DusenberryFacebook

Whenever I drive long distance at night, I have noticed that HydraBlast gives me the energy that I need to make it home safely.

Allen E. - Lantana, Florida

1st Pharma Nutrition, Inc. is an innovative bio-science research and development company, which is engaged in the making of 100% all-natural, physical performance and energy products using a one-of-a-kind proprietary and patent approved and protected nano technology.
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